Residential building material shortages

The Queensland residential construction industry is experiencing an Australia-wide shortage of building materials and skilled tradespeople, resulting in delays in the building process.

These shortages are due to market forces amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic impacting everyone in the supply chain, from suppliers and builders to subcontractors, employees, and consumers. We expect it will take some time for the industry to get back to its usual supply and operating rhythm.

The QBCC is working together with the Queensland Government and industry organisations such as Master Builders Queensland and the Housing Industry Association to do as much as possible to address the current situation and keep you informed of delays and shortages.

These delays and their flow-on effects can have a significant personal impact on your finances and professional confidence. For support, please reach out to organisations that are there to help, like Mates in Construction (1300 642 111) and Lifeline (13 11 14).

Information for licensees

It is essential to keep the lines of communication open with your clients so they understand the situation and you can manage expectations regarding the project.

If you cannot access the building products you usually use and are considering alternatives, please ensure they conform to Australian building standards and your clients agree to the product change where required. 

You are reminded to ensure your contract provides an adequate and realistic amount of time to complete the project.

We have a range of licensee resources available:

If you have attempted to resolve contractual delay issues with a client and still have concerns, you can submit a general enquiry to the QBCC or call us at 139 333.

Information for home owners 

If you are experiencing delays in the construction, renovation or repair of your property, keep in contact with your builder or tradesperson to understand how industry delays or material shortages may impact your work and what measures, if any, can be put in place to address the situation.   

Your contractor may request an extension of time to complete your contract due to issues beyond their control. Or, if they cannot access the products they usually use or those specified in your contract, they may seek your approval to use alternative products.

Regardless of the impacts of market forces, all standard Queensland laws that help protect consumers and keep the Queensland building and construction industry safe and sustainable still apply. 

We have a range of home owner resources available:

If you have tried to reach an agreement concerning building delays but still have concerns, you can submit a general enquiry to the QBCC or call us at 139 333.