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Refrigeration air-con technicians

From the Electrical Safety Office

A refrigeration mechanic can only perform electrical work with an electrical worker licence or a restricted electrical work licence (refrigeration and air conditioning).

A restricted electrical work licence limits the holder to specific electrical work associated with refrigeration and air conditioning equipment such as testing, repairing or maintaining the equipment. It does not permit electrical installation work.

An example of electrical installation work—which is not permitted by a restricted electrical work licence holder—is installing air conditioner interconnect cables.

Always work within the scope of your electrical work licence and ensure you abide by any restrictions or conditions on the licence. Working unlicensed or outside the scope of your licence could lead to significant fines and penalties.

Remember, never work on live electrical equipment.

For more information on restricted electrical work licences refer to the Electrical licensing eligibility guide or contact us on 1300 362 128.

Last reviewed: 15 Feb 2021 Last published: 15 Feb 2021
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