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The Brisbane building company was found guilty of three offences under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act. 

The court imposed significant penalties including a recorded conviction for unlicensed building work, a fine of $8,000 and the defendant was made to pay costs of $2,100.

The QBCC brought the charges against the company after it failed to complete fencing and retaining wall work in July 2020, despite the homeowner paying a $2,800 deposit.

QBCC Commissioner Anissa Levy says the building regulator has a zero tolerance for unlicensed activity. 

“Performing unlicensed work is a serious offence, and there are significant penalties for anyone caught doing it without an appropriate licence,” says Ms Levy. 

“This outcome shows homeowners that the QBCC is here to protect and safeguard them from unlicensed operators.

“At the same time, we are also maintaining a level playing field for our qualified, experienced licensees, who pay their fees and take out the appropriate insurance for work, by taking action against unlicensed operators working in their space.”

Commissioner Levy says the case serves as a reminder to homeowners of the importance of using a QBCC-licensed contractor when building or renovating.

The QBCC has also been busy in court enforcing combustible cladding legislation to help increase the safety of Queenslanders.

Between May 2022 and January 2023, 18 building owners, body corporates and individuals pleaded guilty in Brisbane Magistrates Court in separate prosecutions brought by the QBCC.

The fines imposed ranged between $2,000 and $8,000 for companies, $2,000 to $5,500 for body corporates and $1,500 for individuals.

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Background information on the Brisbane building company found guilty of three offences under the QBCC Act.

The unlicensed company was found guilty of three offences under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991:

  1. One offence against section 42 (unlicensed building work)
  2. One offence against section 30 Schedule 1B (starting work before complying with requirements of a regulated contract
  3. One offence against section 33 Schedule 1B (deposit more than 10 per cent).

Last reviewed: 13 Feb 2023 Last published: 13 Feb 2023
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