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The Jennings family approached the QBCC for help after problems arose with the renovations at their home in northwest Brisbane.

QBCC Commissioner, Anissa Levy says the regulator stepped in to get the renovation back on track for the Arana Hills family thanks to the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme (QHWS).

“It's always good to hear from one of our many satisfied customers. In this instance we had a family of five living in a home with several defects including unusable bathrooms,” Ms Levy said.

“Thanks to the QHWS, the QBCC, our partners Sedgwick Building Consultants and the rectification builders this family now have their renovations completed including three working bathrooms.”

Ms Jennings said she was thrilled to have their family home back in working order.

“It’s a welcome relief to have the work completed and we are very satisfied with the excellent job by the rectification builder and the QBCC kept us informed the whole way,” Ms Jennings said.

Commissioner Levy says Queensland is the only State to offer first resort home warranty consumer protection cover.

“Being a first resort limited scheme, the QBCC is the first port of call for consumers. If QBCC cannot resolve the issue, and the contractor is at fault, a claim is paid provided the statutory requirements are met.

“This process means that consumers are not required to take expensive and lengthy legal action against builders".

“Instead, the QBCC pays a claim within the limits of the scheme, and, wherever possible, takes recovery action against any person or company that is determined to be responsible for the debt.

“In all other states, the consumer has to wait until the builder is deceased, insolvent or is otherwise non-contactable, before a homeowner can make a claim, or exhaust all other options via a court process.”

Further information about the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme is available on the QBCC website.


For residential construction projects, the QHWS provides claims coverage of up to $200,000 for incomplete work, defective work or subsidence-related issues post completion.

The work is covered for a period of 6 years 6 months from when the contract is signed by the homeowner and the primary contractor.
In 2021-22, 150,171 Queensland Home Warranty Scheme polices were written. Of those contracts 119,682 (80 per cent) were for renovations and 30,489 (20 per cent) were for new construction.

Last reviewed: 22 Jul 2022 Last published: 22 Jul 2022
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