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In November 2021, the Department of Energy and Public Works commissioned an independent review into the governance arrangements of the QBCC.

The QBCC Governance Review Report along with the government’s response is now available here – QBCC Governance review | Department of Energy and Public Works.

To help ensure the QBCC’s success, the independent review has made 17 recommendations.

It is the intent of the Queensland Government that all recommendations are either supported, or supported in principle, noting further detailed analysis is needed for some recommendations before deciding the best approach to achieve the outcome being sought.

An implementation committee has already been established to effect changes spanning the QBCC’s structure, systems, capability, culture, processes, and performance.

It’s business as usual right now for the QBCC, and nothing changes if you’re a QBCC licensee or if you’re a homeowner with an active case. Any changes which may affect you will be communicated ahead of time.

Last reviewed: 29 Jun 2022 Last published: 29 Jun 2022
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