What carrying out building work means

Carrying out building work includes:

  • personally carrying out the work
  • directly or indirectly causing the building work to be carried out
  • providing administration, advisory, management or supervisory services for building work, including:
    • entering into a contract or submitting a tender for building work
    • offering (quoting and tendering) to carry out building work
    • taking payment or arranging payment of subcontractors
    • arranging labour or arranging and conducting on-site meetings and inspections
    • preparing plans and specifications
    • coordinating the scheduling of work for building contractors even as an agent for another person
    • obtaining engineering or soil reports, or arranging for certificates from Local government to be issued etc
    • supervising building work
    • providing advice or a report for a building
    • contracting for work as a subcontractor to a builder.