When you need a licence

Work outside your licence class (incidental work)

Incidental work is minor work you need to do to finish your job, where that work is covered under a licence class other than the one you hold. The total value of incidental work cannot be any more than $3,300 and may be included in your contract.

Example: As part of a contract to paint a house, a painter may need to replace a rotten fascia section and repair damaged water pipes. The painter can hire a QBCC-licensed plumber to fix the pipes and a carpenter to replace the fascia only where the combined total cost of this incidental work (fascia and pipes) is no more than $3,300. ​

Note: The value of building work includes all labour and material costs, regardless of who supplies the materials.

Who can do incidental work?

Where the total value of the incidental work is no more than $3,300, you can do the work yourself or engage one or more contractors to do the work.

You cannot personally do any incidental work that is occupational work, such as plumbing, drainage, pest control or fire protection work, unless you hold the appropriate occupational licence. If you engage another contractor to carry out the occupational work, that contractor must hold an appropriate QBCC occupational contractor licence.

If the total value of the incidental work is over $3,300, you cannot contract for this work unless you hold the appropriate licence class.