When you first start thinking about building a new house or renovating, it can be overwhelming. Having a clear plan and understanding the different roles and responsibilities of all the key players can mean the difference between a good experience and a disappointing one.

In this section, find out how to begin your project, from choosing a builder, getting quotes and plans, to considering whether you want to do the work yourself. Learn about supervision and the responsibilities of the builder or construction manager. You'll also find out what certifiers do and their role in the building inspection and approval process.

Before engaging a contractor, it is important to use a compliant written contract. Our Domestic Building Contracts booklet provides practical, plain English information on domestic building contract requirements and the building process generally to assist home owners and contractors engaged in building, renovating or repairing a home, townhouse or unit or associated building work.

Taking out insurance may not be a high priority right now but is an important part of the process. Our guide will help you understand insurance cover and the policies that you will need.