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We've created a range of online interactive smartforms to make the process of lodgement quicker and easier. Online versions are available for the following popular forms and more will become available in the future - Notification of Offence form, Monies Owed Complaint form, Internal Review form and Form 4 - Notifiable work.


Applying for a licence

Licence maintenance

Minimum Financial Requirements

Forms required for new licence applications, upgrades to Maximum Revenue, decreasing in Net Tangible Asset, changes to business structures, etc:

Annual Reporting Requirements

To use when submitting your financial information annually.

Login to myQBCC to complete the Minimum Financial Requirements Annual Reporting Form from the MyForms tab. More information on how to lodge your annual reports via myQBCC is available in the Minimum Financial Requirements myQBCC User Guide - Licensee (PDF).

Return your fully completed form and ALL required documents by:

  • Post: Queensland Building Construction Commission, GPO Box 5099, Brisbane QLD 4001
  • In person: QBCC Service Centres are listed on our website
  • Fax: 07 3247 5762
  • Online: Lodge via myQBCC


Pool Safety Inspectors


Project Bank Accounts


The following forms are to be used for payment claims given on or after 17 December 2018.

Adjudication application fees are prescribed the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Regulation 2018.  Please be advised that the Regulation prescribes the fee for a payment claim for a progress payment of more than $1,065,600 as 0.7% of the progress payment amount rather than 0.07% as was previously the case under the repealed Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004.  The Registry considers the discrepancy in respect of this application fee to be a drafting error in the Regulation.  It is understood amendment to the Regulation is pending. 

For a payment claim for a progress payment of more than $1,065,600, upon application, the Registry is accepting a fee calculated at 0.07% of the progress payment amount (up to a maximum of $5,866.70).

For clarity, this communication is provided as an advisory service to consumers about the role of the registry and the adjudication process and is not to be read as a direction to adjudicators to make an adjudication decision in any particular way

Legal proceedings

Subcontractors Charges

The following forms are to be used for subcontractors charges after 17 December 2018.

BCIPA - Adjudication

The following forms are only to be used for payment claims served before 17 December 2018. 

Subcontractors Charges Act 1974 Forms

These forms only to be used where a Notice of Claim was served before 17 December 2018, otherwise use Subcontractors Charges in BIF Act above.

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