Notifiable work compliance

We want to ensure that plumbing, drainage work continues to be performed at a high standard so we regularly conduct compliance audits and checks on notifiable work and the accompanying paperwork.

What happens during an audit?

We may request documents and may check:

  • that forms have been registered correctly
  • whether you have the right licence and/or endorsements to carry out the work
  • whether the work complies with relevant legislation and standards
  • whether you have given the owner/occupier or person who requested the notifiable work a copy of the Form 4/4A.

Local governments and compliance

By arrangement with the QBCC, local governments may also audit notifiable work within their particular local government area. They will target notifiable work but may also inspect other plumbing and drainage works.

The licensee or owner/occupier may also contact the local government directly to request an inspection of the work. If this inspection is not within the scope of an audit program, an extra cost-recovery fee may be charged.


There is a range of penalties that may apply where a licensee performs work that is non-compliant, defective, or performed without an appropriate licence. Additionally, if a local government officer finds any non-compliant plumbing and drainage work they may issue an ‘action notice’ (notifiable work not under permit). If you receive a notice, you will be able to negotiate a time to rectify the work. Penalties can be applied for non-compliance.

For individuals who repeatedly place Queenslanders at risk by performing either unlicensed or non-compliant plumbing or drainage work and who endanger health and safety,there are increased penalties for second or third offences. They may also face up to one year in jail for a third conviction.

Audit program 

Approved audit program established under section 47(1) of the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 (PD Act) to be published under section 47(4) of the PD Act. 

Under the PD Act, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Commissioner may prepare and approve an audit program under which the Commissioner may audit licensees to find out if they have been complying with section 83 of the PD Act for notifiable work.  

The following audit program is established to take place between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022.

This notice of an approved audit program is published in accordance with section 47(4) of the PD Act.  

Purpose  Monitor compliance with the notifiable work laws, under section 83 of the PD Act. 
Duration he audit period is set to start on 1 July 2021 and conclude on 30 June 2022. 
Criteria for licensees

All licensees, of the listed classes below, who may perform regulated plumbing and drainage work in Queensland, including notifiable work, may be randomly selected for audit. 

Licensees may also be chosen based on information received by the QBCC through its monitoring activities including digital monitoring and based on information received from external parties, industry forums, or from the plumbing and drainage contractor licence list held by the QBCC. 

Classes of licence subject to this audit program
  • Plumber
  • Drainer
  • Restricted licensee
How licensees will be advised of their selection for audit Licensees will be advised in writing if they have been selected for audit. The primary contact will be through email wherever possible.
The obligations to be complied with by licensees selected for audit under the program Licensees selected for audit must comply with the request for information (“notice”) and supply documents or information required to determine the licensee’s compliance with section 83 of the PD Act. The licensee must comply with the notice even though complying might tend to incriminate the licensee or expose the licensee to a penalty.