Register notifiable work (form 4/4A)

You can register notifiable work with the QBCC via myQBCC or by manual completion of paper-based forms or printable e-forms.

Electronically - myQBCC

You can register notifiable work (form 4/4A) electronically by logging in to myQBCC.

If you have a myQBCC account, you can login and navigate to the ‘My Licences’ or “My Work’ tab to start the form.

If you don’t have a myQBCC account, you can register here. For more information see Registering for a myQBCC Account.

We have a user guide to help plumbers and drainers register Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) on myQBCC. It explains everything from logging in to your myQBCC account through to paying for and amending or cancelling completed submissions. 

When registering electronically through myQBCC, you must ensure that all details are correctly entered and the fee is paid for the record to be lawfully made.

Manual registrations

You can register notifiable work manually by completing the Form 4 Notifiable Work (PDF) for private persons and businesses or Notifiable Work for Public Sector Entities (Form 4A) (PDF).

If you previously held a Top-Up account with us and need to request a refund following its closure, please complete this Refund Request Form – Top-Up Account Closure (PDF). Return it to, by post to GPO Box 5099, Brisbane QLD 4001 or to the counter of any of our service centres. We aim to have your refund processed within 28 days of receiving your returned form and will notify you via email once the funds have been electronically transferred to your nominated account.

How much do I pay?

If you register notifiable work (Form 4/4A) electronically you pay $32.55. You will pay $43.95 to register notifiable work (Form 4/4A) manually.

You can pay by VISA or MasterCard.

Who needs a copy of the form?

You must provide a copy of the form to the occupier of the premises or any other person who asked the relevant person to carry out the work within 20 business days after the notifiable work is complete. There is a maximum penalty of 60 penalty for failing to supply a copy.

When I register multiple categories of notifiable work for the same property address, do I generate multiple Form 4/4As?

Where more than one category of notifiable work is performed under the same single transaction, only one form needs to be registered. In determining whether a combination of tasks form part of the same transaction (job) then consider the following factors:

  • whether the work was included in a single work order contract
  • when the work was completed and ready to be used by the occupant of the premises
  • when the licensee issued an invoice for the work.

For example, you only need to register notifiable work if you are:

  • making changes to the water pipework in a bathroom renovation; or
  • installing a new or replacement hot water heater as part of a single transaction for all work as completed. 
  • carrying out work in two or more categories in the same job, e.g, removal, alteration or extension to the water supply pipework (category 1) installatiion of a new hot water heater (category 6) and installation of temperature control device (category 5)
  • you are invoicing for one or more progress payments for a single job engagement. A NW registration must occur each time an invoice is issued until the work is finally compete and operational with a final NW registration completion.

Amending or cancelling a submitted Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A)

If you made a mistake when registering notifiable work (Form 4/4A) you can update the following details in myQBCC:

  • the property address
  • any optional additional address details you entered
  • optional 'My Reference' details you entered
  • the categories of work you selected
  • the attachments you added.

For more information, see Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) Submission User Guide – Plumbers and Drainers (PDF).

If the information you need to correct is something other than those details listed above, you'll now be able to request a cancellation and refund by filling out a Refund Request Form – Notifiable Work Cancellation (PDF) and returning it:

  • Email:
  • Post: GPO Box 5099 Brisbane QLD 4001 (please don’t send in original documents such as qualifications unless we request them)
  • In person: QBCC service centres