Notification of safety incidents on site

Our role in keeping building sites safe

In recent years, fatalities and serious injuries on building sites have heightened the need for the QBCC to be quickly notified of safety incidents on site.

Without swift notification we cannot undertake the necessary immediate enquiries, which in turn hampers our contribution to reducing unsafe practices. In November 2017, legislation was introduced requiring our licensees to notify us of any safety incidents. 

Because your safety is important to us, we now also have greater powers to take disciplinary action against licensees when a serious safety incident has occurred. This includes the suspension or cancellation of a licence.     

What is a notifiable incident?

A notifiable incident is:

  • the death or serious injury or illness of a person; or
  • an incident that exposes a person to a risk or serious injury or illness.

Serious injury or illness, is - 

  • immediate treatment as an inpatient in a hospital; or
  • immediate treatment for the amputation of a body part, serious head injury, serious eye injury, serious burns, separation of skin from an underlying tissue, spinal injury, loss of a bodily function, or serious lacerations; or
  • medical treatment within 48 hours of exposure to a substance.

Who must report a safety incident on site to the QBCC?

A QBCC licensee who is in control of, or carrying out building work on a building site, must notify us if:

If the QBCC licensee on site is a company, an office holder or senior employee is required to notify the QBCC on the company’s behalf.

How should you report a safety matter?

Licensees must notify the QBCC in the fastest way possible. This means taking action as soon as you see or hear about a safety incident on site.

You will need some important information before you contact us, including:

  1.  The time and date of the incident
  2.  The address of the incident
  3.  Who is the QBCC licensee in control of the site (you can search for a QBCC licensee here)?
  4.  Who was injured or breached the notice or injunction from WHSQ or the ESO?
  5.  Was medical assistance required?
  6.  Why did the incident occur?
  7.  Have any other agencies been notified of the incident?

The quickest and easiest way to notify us is by using our online notification form.

If the matter is urgent you can call us on 139 333. 

Is there a penalty?

We take safety seriously. It is an offence under s54A of the QBCC Act for a licensee not to notify us of an incident in the fastest way possible. Failure to notify of a safety incident may result in prosecution.

Safety incidents involving a non-conforming building product

If you are a person in the chain of responsibility or a licensee, you may be required to notify of a safety incident

Do I need to report the matter to anyone else?

You may also be required to report the matter to other relevant regulators such as:

For more information about when you need to report to other regulators you should contact their office directly.