Onsite building requirements

Building inspections and approvals

Building certifiers inspect and approve building work and make sure it complies with the relevant aspects of approved building plans and appropriate building standards.  They can work for local government, or in a private practice as a private certifier.

They can:

  • assess and approve plans relating to new or altered buildings
  • inspect construction work at mandatory stages (for class 1a single detached buildings only):
    • foundations and excavation (footings) – before footings are poured
    • slab – before concrete is poured
    • frame – before the cladding or lining is fixed, or masonry construction begun
    • final – when the building work is completed
  • provide certificates of inspection to the homeowner, builder and local authority
  • issue enforcement notices where required
  • give final approval for a building to be occupied.

What is the building certifier not responsible for?

  • ensuring a builder is complying with the contract
  • quality control
  • job site supervision.

Appointing a private certifier

In most cases, you are responsible for engaging the private certifier on your client’s behalf. However, homeowners can directly appoint a private certifier.

Find a licensed certifier

For a list of licensed certifiers, complete the list of licensed certifiers form (PDF) and return with the $15 fee. Requests are processed within 5 working days.

You can check a certifier’s licence details using the Online Licence Search.