Pool safety toolkit

From 1 December 2015, it is mandatory that all pools in Queensland, including spas and portable pools, comply with the pool safety standard. To ensure Queenslanders know the laws and how to comply, the QBCC will drive awareness of pool safety compliance across all media channels including TV, press, radio and digital.

To help deliver our campaign message to your customers and partners, we have made some pool safety compliance resources available for download below.



30 second commercial - download link
15 second commercial - download link

Radio ad

30 second commercial - download link

Script copy

Long script - download link
Short script - download link

Interactive checklist

Our Pool Compliance Checklist is a handy tool designed to guide pool owners through the basics of the current pool safety standard.

Explanatory diagrams from our Pool Compliance Checklist

Diagrams as JPG files - view list of diagrams


Pool Safety Compliance FAQ - download link