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Summer is just around the corner and Queenslanders are reminded not to become complacent with pool safety.

This warning comes from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) in an effort to educate people on their safety responsibilities when it comes to pools.

QBCC Commissioner Richard Cassidy said drowning was a silent killer and immersions often occurred when people were nearby but weren’t properly supervising young children.

“There is a myth adults will hear a child who falls in a pool and have time to react but unfortunately this is not always the case,” he said.

“New surroundings bring the risk of unfamiliarity or lack of awareness for young children, and adults need to keep this in mind, especially for children who don’t usually spend much time in pools.”

Mr Cassidy reminded people that while a swimming pool could be a great addition to their home, people needed to follow the State Government’s safety standards when it came to building and maintaining pools, to keep children safe.

A swimming pool is defined as an above or below ground structure principally used for swimming or bathing and also includes some models of portable pools and spas that are capable of holding more than 30cm of water.

The number of pool immersions reported to the QBCC in 2020/21 was 89, compared to 83 in 2019/20 and 99 in 2018/19.

Mr Cassidy said swimming pool safety laws and compliant pool barriers aimed to minimise the chances of children being in pools unsupervised.

“Pool owners also need to be aware that anyone who props open a pool gate is liable for an on-the-spot fine,” he said.

“That’s a dangerous and potentially tragic practice.

“Owners must ensure their pools are compliant and remind people to always supervise children when they are in the pool.”

More information on pool safety compliance is on the QBCC website and people can also search the pool register to find out if a pool at a particular address meets safety requirements.

Last reviewed: 29 Nov 2021 Last published: 29 Nov 2021
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