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As of 1 May 2024, changes have been made to the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022 to improve residential energy efficiency standards in new homes. The Modern Homes residential energy efficiency standards will be implemented through amendment of the existing Queensland Development Code 4.1 – Sustainable Buildings (QDC 4.1).

Residential energy efficiency requirements

New houses and units need to have:

  • 7-star rating (out of 10) for the building shell (roof, walls, windows, and floors). Energy efficiency features may include good orientation, better insulation, ceiling fans and window design and a lighter coloured roof 
  • whole-of-home energy use allowance that covers the energy use of the home’s major appliances and any on-site renewable energy such as a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. 

While Queensland will align with the NCC 2022 energy efficiency requirements, the optional one-star credit towards the building shell for inclusion of an outdoor living area will remain to ensure Queenslanders can take advantage of our outdoor living lifestyle and climate. 

To align Queensland with the NCC residential energy efficiency requirements, QDC 4.1 will be updated to: 

  • remove Queensland’s optional installation of a solar PV energy system 
  • remove the ability to use a 2009 version glazing calculator, in favour of the current calculator 
  • require compliance with the NCC 2022 7-star rating requirements in new houses and units. 

QDC 4.1 will retain the optional one-star credit for outdoor living areas for new houses and expand it state-wide for new apartment buildings. This optional credit recognises Queensland’s unique outdoor housing design and lifestyle. 

The amended QDC 4.1 will commence on 1 May 2024 

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Last reviewed: 1 May 2024 Last published: 1 May 2024
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