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The Council were asked to endorse the following at the meeting:

  • If independent members should be included on the 2022 Panel.
  • Decide on subcommittee representatives and number of representatives from the Council required.
  • The proposed candidate attributes for Panel nominees.
  • The proposed approach to seek expressions of interest for the Panel.
  • The Panel Committee Booklet.
  • The Letter of offer to new nominees.

The proposed candidate attributes are:

  • current knowledge and experience in the service trades industry, including plumbing, drainage, gas, fire protection and/or mechanical services and should have the relevant associated licence
  • the ability to be an effective member of a team and have exemplary communication skills.
  • connections to broader industry and community networks, to share experience wider than their own.
  • represent the voice of their relevant industry sector.

Nominees must also consent to a criminal history and probity checks and provide details of any potential conflicts of interest.

The advertisement for the STLAP panel nomination process will be from 7 March to 18 March 2022, as an open merit, expression of interest to members of the service trades industry, including stakeholder representatives and individual representatives.

Last reviewed: 23 Feb 2022 Last published: 23 Feb 2022
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