Commercial construction

You need a licence to do commercial building work, and most QBCC licence classes allow for both domestic and commercial work.

Licensing and Developers

Developers and licensed contractors entering into contracts for commercial work don’t need to hold the relevant licence, as long as they engage an appropriately licensed contractor to perform the building work.

What if I am licensed but I want to do commercial work outside my licence scope?

You can carry out this work as long as you use an appropriately licensed builder or contractor for the commercial component. If the work is domestic or residential, see Incidental work outside your licence class.

Examples of when you need a licence

Commercial licence flowchart

An unlicensed company can tender and contract for the renovation of a shopping centre, and then engage a builder to manage, supervise and carry out the work. The company can’t carry out any building work, or building work services, themselves.


Commercial licence flowchart

A licensed air-conditioning contractor has a $20,000 contract to install air-conditioning units in a cafe. There is $5,000 of other building work (painting, plastering and carpentry) involved. The licensed air-conditioning contractor can include this work under their contract as long as they use an appropriately licensed builder to co-ordinate the multiple trades. If only one trade was involved (e.g. painting) they would not need a builder to co-ordinate.