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A Right to Information (RTI) request allows you to apply for:

  • information about other people or companies
  • a combination of your personal information and the information of other people or companies.


There are fees and charges associated with an RTI request.

Application fee

The RTI application fee is $52.60.

The fee payment cannot be waived.

NOTE: QBCC is no longer accepting payments by cheque or cash, or credit card details via email or telephone. 

You can pay the fee:

  • by requesting an invoice and paying through internet banking
  • in person at a QBCC service centre.

Processing charges

Processing fees may apply for complex requests. The processing charges for an RTI application are:

  • nil—if we spend less than 5 hours
  • $8.00 per 15 minutes or part of 15 minutes—if we spend more than 5 hours processing the application.

If we spend more than 5 hours processing an application, the processing charge applies to every hour spent. So, if processing takes 6 hours, the processing charge applies to the 6 hours.

We do not charge processing fees for time spent processing your personal  information—if this is included in your request.

Access charges

Access charges may include:

  •  $0.25 per page of black and white A4 photocopies of documents (does not apply to digital copies supplied by email or CD)
  • the actual cost incurred to engage another entity to search for and retrieve a document
  • the actual cost of transcribing a recording or preparing a written document (you may prefer to consider requesting access to a copy of the audio and arranging the transcript yourself).

How to apply

Download and complete:

Right to Information application form  (PDF, 207KB)

You will need to provide us with:

  • the completed form
  • certified copy of your proof of identity—if your application includes a request for your personal information.

If you wish to apply as a company, one of the directors must provide identification.

If someone (including a legal representative) is acting on your behalf or as your agent, and your application includes a request for your personal information, you must provide:

  • evidence that they have authority to act on your behalf
  • certified copy of their proof of identity
  • certified copy of your proof of identity.

Lodge the completed form and supporting documents to us by mail or email.

What happens next?

Valid applications must be processed within 25 business days of us receiving them. A further 10 business days can be added if consultation with third parties are required.

We may negotiate a further extension of time with you, if

  • additional processing time is required due to the size or complexity of the application
  • there are problems locating documents
  • there is a backlog of applications.

After we send you the result of your request, you can ask for a review of the decision if you don’t agree with the outcome.

If we have requested an extension of time to make a decision, this does not affect your right for the internal review.

Last reviewed: 6 Oct 2021 Last published: 6 Oct 2021
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