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There is no fee to apply for an internal review.

Timeframe for applying

You must lodge your application for internal review within 20 business days of receiving notice of the outcome of your information request.

What is reviewable?

You are entitled to an internal review if

  • you have lodged an application under the Right to Information Act 2009 and the QBCC:
    • has refused to give you full or part access to a document
    • has refused to amend a personal document
    • has refused to deal with your application
    • has granted access subject to an access charge that you feel is not applicable
  •  another person has made an RTI application and the QBCC obtained your view, but the decision is not in accordance with your view.

What is not reviewable?

You are not entitled to an internal review of a decision made:

  • as a result of a previous internal review application
  • by the Commissioner of the QBCC.

How to apply 

Download and complete: 

Request an internal review—RTI (PDF, 55KB)

Request an internal review—IP (PDF, 66KB)

Include in your application:

  • the reasons why you believe that the decision requires review
  • any additional information you wish to be considered in the review of the decision.

Lodge the completed form and any supporting documents to us by mail or email.

What happens next?

A decision on your application will be made within 20 business days of us receiving your application. 

If you are dissatisfied with the internal review decision, you may request an external review by the Information Commissioner

Last reviewed: 14 Oct 2021 Last published: 14 Oct 2021
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