Annual reporting

You need to lodge your financial information by the required reporting day. This can be done online via the myQBCC portal.  

Select your category below for more information on how to provide your annual financial information. If you are unsure, you can check your category in our online licence search.

If you have not undertaken any contracting in your own right, your revenue for the period would be $0 which you would advise QBCC on the Annual Reporting form with details of your assets and liabilities.

If you are retired, not currently trading in the building industry, an employee, or working on wages, you may wish to apply for a new licence type by completing the licence type application and paying the appropriate fee.  A nominee supervisor licence still allows you to be the employee for a licensed company, but you are unable to contract to perform building work in your own right.

When it must be lodged

You need to lodge your financial information by the required reporting day. The dates for lodgement of annual reporting each year is:

  • for SC1 and SC2:
    • lodge from—1 November
    • due by—31 March
  • for categories 1-7:
    • lodge from—1 August
    • due by—31 December.

You will receive written notice from us of your annual reporting day confirming the due date.

We encourage you to lodge your annual financial information early to avoid the last-minute rush and ensure you have plenty of time to ask questions and seek clarification if you need to.

Difference between MFR Report and Annual Reporting

  • an MFR report is not required to meet annual financial reporting obligations
  • annual reporting is simpler and easier than an MFR report
  • an accountant’s signature is not required for annual reporting
  • annual reporting can be submitted online via myQBCC.

An MFR report is only required in certain circumstances. For details see Minimum Financial Requirements.
An annual financial report must be submitted by the required reporting day. This can be done online via the myQBCC portal.  

Building a stronger, fairer industry

The goal of the new annual reporting requirements is to ensure every building contractor who operates in Queensland has a strong business with a sufficient level of working capital.

What does this mean for you?

When you applied for your QBCC contractor-grade licence, you satisfied us that you had the required working capital. The new laws mean you must now provide financial information each year. This is ‘annual reporting’.  It is different to an ‘MFR report’ (given when you first apply or make financial changes to your licence).  Annual reporting is easy to do online. 

What is involved?

Providing the QBCC with your annual financial information does not require a special visit to your accountant. You may already have the information prepared as part of your usual business practices. Select your category to see the list of information you need to provide.

The easiest way to provide your annual financial information is via the myqbcc portal.  

More information

More information on how to lodge online via myQBCC is contained in our handy user guides:

If you are a member of an industry association, they can also provide you with information and assistance.  These industry associations include: