Licence conditions and restrictions

Types of conditions

Statutory conditions

Statutory conditions are conditions that all licences are subject to.  Statutory conditions are not visible on a licence search or licence card.

  • Occupational licence condition – If you have a licence in Plumbing, Drainage, Gasfitting or Termite Management – Chemical, you must hold a current occupational licence.
  • Financial requirements condition (contractor licence only) – You must not exceed your issued maximum revenue by more than 10% without first providing appropriate financial information.
  • Financial requirements condition (contractor licence only) – If your net tangible assets decrease by more than 30%* from your last advised and QBCC accepted net tangible asset position then you must provide appropriate financial information within 30 days of the decrease.

*20% decrease for category 4-7 licensees

Administrative condition or licence restriction

Administrative conditions or licence restrictions are visible on a licence search or licence card. We may place an administrative condition or restriction on your licence when you apply if we consider it’s appropriate.

We may also impose a condition on a licence at any time after approval, however the QBCC must notify you of the proposed condition and invite you to provide submissions.  After considering your submissions, if we decide to impose the condition, the imposition is a reviewable decision.

There are different types of restrictions and conditions that we may place on your QBCC licence.

  • Work condition or restriction – We may place a restriction on your licence which limits the type of work you can do (e.g. your licence class may be restricted to install and maintain, or restricted to a particular termite management system e.g. HomeGuard)
  • Mutual recognition conditions – Where your interstate or New Zealand licence is subject to a condition or restriction, we’ll place that condition or restriction on your QBCC licence (e.g. restricted to BCA 1a, 2, 4, 10 only).
  • Other conditions – If appropriate, we can place other conditions on your licence (e.g. a condition to provide financial information, or a condition to complete a technical course module, or a condition preventing you from continuing to carry on business until a requirement is met).

Removing restrictions or conditions

If you want to remove an administrative restriction or condition, you can discuss your options with us. In some cases, this can be done by meeting our requirements (e.g. addressing the reason the condition was placed on your licence in the first instance). However, if your restriction or condition is because you applied for your licence under the Mutual Recognition Act, then you may need to make an application and pay the associated fees for the full class of licence you seek. The Mutual Recognition Act does not provide any avenue to have conditions that achieve a like for like licence, removed.

You should send a written request with your supporting documents for those conditions imposed as a result of QBCC taking regulatory action.

Penalties for not following restrictions/conditions

If you don’t meet the condition or restriction on your licence, we may suspend or cancel your licence, or you may be subject to disciplinary action.