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Key change for former licensees (those licenced before 1 May 2021):

  • Changes for licensees who transitioned to the new ‘certify’ classes, include changes to scope of work and upskilling requirements 
  • New definition clarifies that 'emergency lighting' is lighting designed and constructed to show an exit or an evacuation route from a building in the event of a fire and includes associated signage.
  • 'Inspect and test’ class automatically transitioned to the new ‘inspect and test’ class with no change to scope or upskilling requirements.

As per the diagram below, former emergency lighting licences were transitioned to the electrical stream under the new framework on 1 May 2021. 

Diagram depicting transition of licence classes for emergency lighting

Changes to emergency lighting—certify class

The former ‘emergency lighting—certify’ licence class automatically transitioned to the new electrical—certify—emergency lighting licence class on 1 May 2021.

  • the new ‘certify’ class does not include inspect and test work – if you don’t already hold another licence class allowing this type of work (that is, the relevant ‘inspect and test’ class), you may want to apply for this additional class
  • an upskilling requirement must be completed by all existing ‘emergency lighting—certify’ licensees who automatically transitioned to the new ‘electrical stream—certify—emergency lighting’ class, This is to be completed by 1 May 2027.

Changes to emergency lighting—inspect and test class

The former ‘emergency lighting—inspect and test’ licence class has automatically transitioned to the new electrical stream—inspect and test—emergency lighting licence class from 1 May 2021.  

  • the scope of work has changed 
  • there is no upskilling requirement for transitioned (former) licensees.   

Former licence classes that have transitioned

Former licence classes that have transitioned:

  • Emergency lighting – PI*
  • Emergency lighting – occupational.

Last reviewed: 29 Nov 2021 Last published: 29 Nov 2021
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