Changes to fire safety professional licences | Queensland Building and Construction Commission

Scope of work 

The fire safety professional licence enables the holder to conduct inspections and reports on buildings against fire performance legislation. 

For licence applications made or determined after 1 May 2021, an appropriate accreditation must be held which will inform the classes of building that the licensee may inspect and report on. For this purpose, an appropriate accreditation is a building surveying accreditation issued by:

  • the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors ACN 004 540 836 – OR  
  • RICS Australasia Pty Ltd ACN 089 873 067.

Licensees and applicants should note that the scope of work for the fire safety professional class no longer includes the formulation and provision of alternative solutions relating to fire safety, or certify, inspect and test work for fire protection equipment. 

Licensees seeking to certify, inspect or test fire protection equipment from 1 May 2021, must hold separate licence classes for this work. 
The formulation and provision of alternative solutions relating to fire safety will no longer be fire protection work from 1 May 2021 and will be removed from the scope of work.

Technical qualifications for fire safety professionals

  • Licence applications received for this class will be assessed against the current requirements until 1 May 2021. 
  • On 1 May 2021 new technical qualifications commenced and licence applications assessed from 1 May 2021 must meet the technical qualifications to be prescribed for the new licence class.

For more information, refer to the technical qualifications (PDF) for the new fire licence classes.

Last reviewed: 29 Nov 2021 Last published: 29 Nov 2021
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