Warning about unlicensed persons advertising for regulated plumbing work

7 October 2020

This warning is issued by the Commissioner of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) to the public under section 20J 1(i) of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991.

The QBCC issues this public warning about persons unlawfully advertising for regulated plumbing work, in particular on digital platforms, due to the potential harm and financial impact that unlicensed work can have on home owners and the building and construction industry.

Persons that undertake regulated plumbing work of any value are required to hold a QBCC licence. Regulated plumbing work includes work such as installing taps and toilets, installing and replacing hot water systems and bathroom renovations.

Persons advertising for plumbing work, including on digital platforms, are required to include their QBCC licence number and entity name. If you are engaging with a person for plumbing and drainage work, the QBCC strongly encourages you to use the free search on the QBCC website to ensure the person holds the correct class of licence to do the work.

The QBCC is utilising new technology to target unlicensed contracting and unlawful advertising by scrutinising well-known online sites. Depending on the circumstances, unlicensed people advertising to do work could have enforcement action taken against them including the issuing of an infringement notice or prosecution, and will be subject to further audits to ensure they are not continuing to advertise unlawfully. Persons who ignore warnings may be subject to further regulatory action.

The QBCC has also been working with local government, professional bodies and retailers of plumbing supplies to educate home owners on the requirement to engage a licensed plumber when undertaking plumbing and drainage work, including the need to submit a Form 4. Information on Form 4 requirements can be found on the QBCC website.

Finding a licensed contractor in your area is easy with the QBCC’s “Find a Local Contractor” search. You can search the register for free to find an appropriately licensed tradesperson in your area.
For more information about this public warning, please contact the QBCC at www.qbcc.qld.gov.au or phone us on 139 333.


Contact: 139 333