Apply to get your personal information (Information Privacy application)

If you'd like to access any of your personal information that is held at QBCC, you can make an Information Privacy (IP) application. This option is only available to individuals, not companies.

Before lodging your application, please check whether this information is available under AA.

Send in a request


You can email your application to or if you’d prefer, post it to:

The Manager
Right to Information and Information Privacy
Queensland Building and Construction Commission
GPO Box 5099
Brisbane Qld 4001

If someone (including a legal representative) is acting on your behalf or as your agent, they must also provide:

  • evidence that they have authority to act on your behalf, and
  • a copy of their identification certified by a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner of Declarations, or a lawyer.

How long will it take?

Valid applications must be processed within 25 business days of receipt. A further 10 business days can be added if consultation with third parties are required.

We may negotiate a further extension of time with the applicant, if additional processing time is required depending on the size and complexity of the application or because of problems locating documents and backlog of applications.

This extension of time does not affect an applicant’s right of review.


There is no fee for an IP application, however occasionally access charges may apply.

The access charges for IP applications are:

  • for copies of documents provided as a black and white A4 photocopy - $0.25 per page.

There are no access charges if documents are provided by email or on CD.

Depending on the application, access charges may also include:

  • the actual cost incurred to engage another entity to search for and retrieve a document;
  • the actual cost of transcribing a recording or preparing a written document (you may consider requesting access to a copy of the audio and if you later require a transcript finding an agency that will transcribe the recording)

Please email if you need additional information on access charges before lodging your application.

I’m not happy with the decision

After we send you the result of your request, you can ask for a review of the decision if you don’t agree.

Contact the RTI Manager directly, or complete the Information Privacy internal review request form (PDF).