Mechanical Services - Plumbing Licence

How to lodge your application

Did you know you can lodge your application form online with myQBCC? If you’re an existing licensee user of myQBCC, applicable fees will be automatically calculated when you lodge online.


Alternatively, you can complete an application form and include all the supporting documents and correct application fee by completing the appropriate PDF form/s:

Scope of work

  • Constructing, installing, replacing, repairing, altering, maintaining, testing or commissioning a mechanical heating or cooling system in a building that is associated with the heating and cooling of that building.
  • Installation of fire collars that is incidental to work mentioned above.
  • However, the scope of work does not include work associated with a substance if, under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989 (Cwlth), a licence is required to—
    • manufacture, import or export the substance; or
    • manufacture or import equipment containing the substance or using the substance in its operation
  • Incidental work of another class.

Experience requirements

From 1 January 2022, if you’re applying for a mechanical services – plumbing contractor or nominee supervisor licence you will need to demonstrate a minimum of 2 years’ experience, other than experience gained during an apprenticeship, in – 

  • the scope of work for the class; or
  • other work, if the commission considers experience in the other work is at least equivalent to experience in the scope of work for that class.

Technical qualification requirements 

Any of the following:

  • Certificate III in Plumbing CPC32413, including the following electives:
    • CPCCCM3001 – Operate elevated work platforms up to 11 metres
    • CPCPMS2021A – Assemble mechanical services components
    • CPCPMS3031A – Fabricate/install steel pressure piping
    • CPCPMS3033A – Install small bore heating systems
    • CPCPMS3035A – Install/test ducting systems
    • CPCPMS3032A – Select/fit insulation/sheathing
    • CPCPMS3036A – Install air handling units
    • CPCPMS3038A – Install air conditioning control equipment
    • CPCPMS3039A – Maintain mechanical services equipment
    • MEM05049 – Perform routine gas tungsten arc welding
    • MEM05050 – Perform routine gas metal arc welding
  • Certificate III in Plumbing Mechanical Services (CPC32513)
  • a course the QBCC considers as equivalent
  • a qualification or statement of attainment of required competency for the class of licence.

Managerial requirements

Applicants for Contractor and Nominee Supervisor licences must successfully completed one of the following:

  • BSBESB402* - Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures
  • a course QBCC considers as equivalent.

NOTE: No managerial qualifications are required for a site supervisor licence

*The prescribed course - Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business BSBSMB401 has a teach out period. We will still accept this course during this teach out period and a short time afterwards.

Financial requirements

The relevant financial requirements in the minimum financial requirements policy (contractors only).

Important note:

Recognition of prior learning

If you do not hold a formal technical qualification, you may be able to obtain it through recognition of prior learning (RPL) by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The following RTOs may be able to provide RPL services:

Mechanical Services – Plumbing

  • TAFE Queensland (CPC32413, CPC32513)
  • The Services Trade College (CPC32413, CPC32513)

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)

Registered Training Organisations issue formal qualifications to people who successfully complete training. Please note that the RTO list is a guide only and subject to change. We strive to ensure that the information contained is accurate and up-to-date.

Other qualifications can be:

  • documentation showing you successfully completed an apprenticeship 
  • a certificate showing you successfully completed the appropriate course for this licence class
  • a certificate showing you successfully completed an equivalent course for this licence class (e.g. similar modules) recognition certificate
  • a qualification of statement of attainment of the required competency issued by an approved authority for the licence class.
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Find an RTO

Look up the required course in the  Technical Qualifications for Licensing (PDF) and search for it on the website.