Roof Tiling

Download this scope of work – Roof Tiling (PDF)

Scope of work

  • Cut and fix roof tiles, including tiles of concrete, clay, metal or similar material, shingles and shakes to roof and fascia structures
  • Set out and fix battens
  • Bedding, pointing and installing of associated flashing
  • Install safety mesh, sarking and antiponding boards
  • Install firewall insulation and metal straps to battens
  • Install skylights
  • Refurbish and maintain roofs, excluding painting roofs
  • Incidental work of another class.

Qualifications required

Any one of the following:

  • successful completion of either of the following courses:

    • an apprenticeship in roof tiling
    • Certificate III in Roof Tiling CPC30812
  • successful completion of a course the commission considers equivalent to one of the courses above
  • a recognition certificate as a qualified roof tiler
  • a qualification or statement of attainment of required competency for the class of licence.

Managerial course

Completion of the approved managerial course.

Financial requirements

The relevant financial requirements in the financial requirements policy.

Licence types

You can apply for this licence class as a:

Important note:

  • Interstate Applicants – may be eligible to obtain a licence through Mutual Recognition
  • Overseas Applicants – may have to have an overseas qualification assessed for equivalency prior to applying.

Registered Training Organisations

Registered Training Organisations issue formal qualifications to people who successfully complete training. Please note that this list is a guide only and subject to change. We strive to ensure that the information contained is accurate and up-to-date.

Other qualifications can be:

  • apprenticeship papers
  • documentation showing you successfully completed the appropriate course for this licence class
  • documentation showing you successfully completed an equivalent course for this licence class (e.g. similar modules)
  • recognition certificate
  • a qualification of statement of attainment of the required competency issued by an approved authority for the licence class.

Recognition of prior learning

If you do not hold a formal technical qualification, you may be able to obtain it through recognition of prior learning (RPL) by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The following RTO may be able to provide RPL services for this licence class.
TAFE Queensland - SkillsTech
Campuses at Acacia Ridge, Alexandra Hills, Bracken Ridge, Eagle Farm
1800 654 447