Being a fit and proper person to hold a licence

Getting a licence involves more than just providing information about your experience and qualifications. To hold a licence, you must be a ‘fit and proper’ person.  For companies, this includes directors, secretaries and other influential people.

What does it mean to be fit and proper? 

In deciding whether you are fit and proper to hold a contractor’s licence, we consider:

  • your honesty and integrity in commercial and other dealings
  • any failure to carry out commercial or statutory obligations and the reasons behind the failure
  • whether you have done any Tier 1 defective work
  • whether you have failed to pay an infringement notice for an offence under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991
  • any other relevant factor (e.g. criminal history).

What happens if I am not fit and proper?

If we have evidence that suggests you don’t meet the fit and proper criteria, we won’t grant you a licence, or we’ll suspend or cancel your existing licence.

Fit and proper appeals

You have the right to appeal a decision through the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Fit and proper complaints

If there is sufficient evidence, we investigate complaints about applicants or licensees showing serious fit and proper concerns.