Check In QLD app at our service centres for on-site visitors 

From 9 July 2021 all visitors to any of QBCC Service Centres in Queensland will be required to record their visit by using the Check In QLD App.  

All you need to do is: 

  • visit for links to download the app from Google Play or Apple App stores 
  • enter your details once when you first open the app 
  • open the app when you next visit us 
  • select ‘Check in Now’ and scan or enter our code 

It is mandatory that details of all visitors to our offices are recorded. For those visitors not checking in via the app, our customer service officers will record your details to assist in contact tracing if required. 

We recommend you consider if you need to visit our offices, as you may be able to complete your business online.  

You can lodge your documents by: 

If you have an enquiry you can:  

Information collected using the app is provided directly to Queensland Health for contact tracing purposes. The Check In QLD app privacy policy can be viewed online. The Check In QLD app is free and can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store. 

For more information on the app, Frequently Asked Questions and instructional videos, visit 

Check in – Stay safe