Apply for an occupational licence

Before you apply

An occupational licence is a licence (or registration) that you must have to carry out the following work as an employee.  It is generally from an organisation other than the QBCC – :

  • Gasfitting – You must also hold a gas work licence issued by the Chief Gas Examiner and Resources Safety and Health Queensland
  • Termite management (Chemical) – You must also have a licence for pest control activities including timber pests (under the Medicines and Poisons Act 2019) from the Department of Health.
  • Fire protection - see Licence classes to find out more
  • Plumbing and/or draining - issued by QBCC - read more in Apply for a plumber and drainers licence

Please note that holders of a QBCC contractor’s fire protection work or mechanical services work licence are not required to also hold a fire protection occupational licence or mechanical services occupational licence to personally perform work within their licence’s scope of work.

Re-applying for a licence

If you've previously held a licence and you want to re-apply, find out about your options - Renew, update or surrender your licence

Occupational licences and contracting

  • with an occupational licence, you can carry out occupational work as an employee of a person who holds a QBCC contractor licence in that class
  • if you want to carry out occupational work directly for builders or homeowners, you must hold a QBCC trade contractor licence in that class.

See applying for a trade contractor licence for more information.